ADCR plunger lubricant


Water Based, Oil Based, and Dry plunger lubricants

Plunger lubricants are needed to cool the sleeve, create a seal between the tip and sleeve, and minimize wear. There are many different lubrication methods and ADCR manufactures lubricants for all processes.

Water based plunger lubricant

We always recommend our line of Norlube water soluble plunger lubricants. These lubricants are meant to be applied behind the tip while the plunger is in the forward position.

According to Die Casting Engineer:

"Plunger rod spraying: uses water soluble lubrication.
Cools and lubricates the entire shot sleeve and is
the best all-around system" (Kraklau)

ADCR prides itself in their development of stable, graphite containing, water soluble plunger lubricants. Our combination of high quality lubricants and precise application methods has allowed us to reduce porosity, discoloration, over application, smoke, fire, and down time. Over application of our water based plunger lubricants creates a messy shot end, with this product being water soluble it is easily cleaned up. If you are interested in evaluating our plunger rod application method please contact us

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Granulate/Dry plunger lubricant

ADCR granulate plunger lubricants are applied in front of the plunger before the metal is poured. Problems tend to arise with granulate plunger lubricant due to over application. Porosity, discoloring, flame ups, and excessive smoke tend to be common side affects of over application of granulate plunger lubricant.

Oil based plunger lubricant & Brush on plunger lubricants for steel tips

We always recommend applying our oil based plunger lubricant behind the tip but it can also be:

As we pride ourselves in the ability to meet the need of every die caster, we even offer a brush on plunger lubricant.

We believe in meeting the individual needs of each die caster, that is why we prefer to evaluate each process before testing a plunger lubricant. If you are interested in evaluating an ADCR plunger lubricant please contact one of our sales technicians.

Cold chamber die casting involves pouring molten metal, typically Aluminum, into the "cold chamber" or sleeve. The aluminum is then forced through the sleeve into the die by the "plunger tip". The plunger is typically made of copper beryllium, in some cases steel tips are used. With the plunger being exposed to heat and pressure, quality ADCR plunger lubricants are necessary. The problem with plunger lubricant is being able to apply enough to lubricate the tip without affecting the part quality.

Kraklau, David. "Comparison of Plunger Tip Lubrication Systems." Die Casting Engineer(2011): 18-19. Print.

All in the application

Atomizing a Controlled amount of water soluble plunger lubricant behind the tip each shot is critical to casting quality and overall housekeeping. To attain repeatable shot velocity and intensifier pressure you need to apply consistent amounts of a high quality plunger lubricant.

Plunger lubrication equipment
in-sleeve plunger lubricant application