in-sleeve plunger lubricant application


Uniget Spray guns

The Uniget spray gun is a sturdy, precise, and reliable spray gun used mainly in the foundry industry. More on our die cast spray guns

Plunger Lube Application (PLS-20)

The PLS-20 is a unique piece of equipment designed to apply a precise amount of plunger lubricant in the sleeve behind the tip. While the plunger is in the forward position a finely atomized mist is applied in the cold chamber (see Image below). This allows for optimal lubrication while at the same time minimizing metal contamination.

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Proportioning Equipment (Scanlube 2185)

ADCR has teamed up with T.E.L. Nordic in distributing their Scanlube 2185 proportioning system to the U.S Die Casting industry. The Scanlube 2185 is an all in one proportioning & dilution measuring system. The system not only accurately dilutes concentrated die lubricant, it also constantly measures and records both dilution ratio as well as pressure.

It is highly suggested that a sales technician sees your process before any recommendations can be made regarding proportioning equipment.

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Dilution measuring equipment

Our Scanlube XDT uses fiber optics to constantly measure the dilution of your die lubricant.

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