We consider die lubricants to be non-value added processing aides. That is why our goal is to design high quality lubricants that can provide optimal release. We offer a full line of both water based die lubricants as well as water free products:

We believe in giving our customers the same attention that they give theirs. That is why we recommend a full evaluation of your process before testing a die lubricant. Please give one of our technical sales representatives a call to schedule a meeting.

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Applying die lubricant to the die surface needs to be very precise. Our proportioners provide constant pressure & dilution ratio which is necessary for process optimization.

Dilution Equipment

Water free die lubricant

We realize the negative impact that die lubricant has on tooling costs, that is why we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products. With our water free die lubricants we have seen the following advantages:

water free die lubricants