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Anti-Solder paste

Anti-Solder Paste

ADCR anti-solder pastes are specially formulated and designed for use in the initial treatment of new or reconditioned dies. They also work well at removing solder from the die surface. Apply the ADCR Anti-Solder paste on with a brush when the die has reached operating temperature. By nature of its unique chemical make-up, a protective film is burnished into the die preventing soldering of aluminum to the die surface.

If you are experiencing solder build up, apply a small amount of our anti solder-paste above the solder between shots. The special additives will dissolve the solder removing it on the next shot. Repeat if necessary.

Start-up Paste

While bringing the die up to temperature brush our ADCR start-up paste onto the die surface for the first 10-15 shots. This product will uniformly coat the die ensuring a fast and smooth start up.

Pin Lubricant

Some of the hottest moving parts of a die are the ejector pins, core pins, and slides. Due to extreme temperatures in many cases, die lubricant cannot provide enough lubrication. ADCR pin lubricants provides excellent lubrication and clinging properties at elevated temperatures. ADCR pin lubricants are very pressure resistant and are an excellent lubricant in the most severe casting applications.

Quench Compounds

Cooling of the casting sometimes includes immersing it into a quench tank directly after ejection from the die cast machine. This quench can sometimes cause corrosion on the casting surface as well as on the extractor. ADCR Quench compounds are specially designed to both eliminate corrosion as well as provide optimal heat transfer.

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