About Us

ADCR was founded in 2001 as the North American partner for Geiger + Co of Heilbronn, Germany. The intent was to blend Geiger's forty plus years of die casting experience and die lubricant technology with ADCR's market knowledge to penetrate the North American Market with Trennex products.

As market conditions - ex: exchange rates and raw material costs have changed it has become evident that a more complete North American Manufacturing base is needed. Starting in 2006 we expanded our manufacturing capabilities and we are now basic in all of the key raw materials used in the latest synthetic die lubricants. An added benefit is that we are now using our expanded low cost North American manufacturing base to help us grow our Norlube product line here, and increase our control over our raw material stream in Europe.

While the North American die cast market is challenging we feel we are uniquely positioned to be an important supplier in the market. We have a great depth of knowledge and experience with our relationship with Geiger + Co and a lean organization in North America to deliver high quality products very cost effectively. With our investments in engineering and manufacturing we also have control over our key raw material streams which allow us to not only better manage our costs but also the quality of these ingredients.

We benchmark against the best but copy no one.

We look forward to serving the North American Market with both the Trennex and Norlube brand of products.

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